Who we are

We are passionate and serious about changing the field of personal development.

Our team

  • Serge Genetet
    Serge Genetet
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Neil Persaud
    Neil Persaud
  • Clarence Tan
    Clarence Tan
    Growth Manager
  • Syed Ismail
    Syed Ismail
    Product Manager
  • Melanie Bonnet
    Melanie Bonnet
    Partnership Consultant
  • Matej Kramny
    Matej Kramny
    Software architect
  • Fauzi Ghouse
    Fauzi Ghouse
    Software Engineer
  • Maybe you?
    Maybe you?
    Join the team!

Advisory Board

  • Olivier de Puymorin
    Olivier de Puymorin
  • Aurélie Dhellemmes
    Aurélie Dhellemmes
  • David Bachelier
    David Bachelier
  • Dr Steven Tucker
    Dr Steven Tucker
  • Professor Pierre-Marie Lledo
    Professor Pierre-Marie Lledo
  • Diane Pfadenhauer
    Diane Pfadenhauer
  • Dimitri Dagot
    Dimitri Dagot