Our story

Our company name Ikeegai is derived from the word “ikigai”, a Japanese concept that means “reason for being” or “reason you wake up in the morning”

Make happiness a way of life for all

We come from different countries with vastly different life experiences and a 20-year age gap in between. We are strongly drawn together by the same core values:

  • Boldness
  • Strong ethics based on transparency and trust
  • Dedication to the positive development of people
  • Seeking beauty in what we do

We believe that this is the perfect time to act on these core values and make happiness a way of life for all.

Ikeegai, your GPS for happiness

Around the world, stress-related syndromes and illnesses are growing. The causes are well known: anxiety, overwhelmedness, information overload, financial uncertainty, underemployment, lack of purpose.

We believe that by giving everyone easy and free access to relevant knowledge and technology, they can discover and reach their ikigai (purpose in life). Everyone has an Ikigai and deserves to reach it and take control of their lives.

Ikeegai achieves this goal by using the most advanced technology available today to deliver mobile applications, connected objects and services.

Ikeegai’s first solution is a GPS for happiness, helping everyone to understand themselves (current state), reach wellness and be in control of their future (destination).