We are currently working on a mobile application to help you find your ikigai.

Your GPS for happiness

Step into the alluring Ikee’ world alone or with your friends and embark on your journey to understand who you are and move from your present state to your chosen goal of happiness and wellness in your real life.

Be empowered

We believe that by giving everyone easy and free access to relevant knowledge and technology, they can discover and reach their ikigai (purpose in life). Everyone has an ikigai and deserves to reach it and take control of their lives. Discovering your ikigai can be one of the greatest and most rewarding journeys you will embark on.

What does the ikeegai journey look like?

The best way to reach your ikigai is to understand who and where you are at the present moment. It starts by exploring what you like to do, what you are good at, what gives you the best sense of purpose and what makes you happy. The journey is then a personal progression based on actions you will take and skills you will acquire, at the pace you want and the time you want to dedicate to it. There are no constraints and no rules. You can do this journey on your own or with the help of others: your family, your friends, other persons you know already or whom you will discover on the road.

All about the community of users

The Ikee’app will evolve with the input of its community of users to better serve you. Today is the starting point for exciting advancements in personal development.