8 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

Published on December 31, 2018

Why do we love resolution so much? How it can help and reward feeling of achievement and fulfilment.

2019 is nearing and it is time to ring it in with a bang. Most of us are busy planning parties, going out on vacations or chill with friends at home. But it is not always that is it? It is also the time where most of us introspect and look back at the year that’s passing. What did I do this year, what did I miss? Would I like to change something that happened? Lead my life differently so I get better results? Would I be continuing this job? Take more leaves this year may be? Spend more time with family and get in better shape? All this introspection, for better or not, leads to that one thing we have a love/hate relationship with – New year resolutions. Now, making resolutions isn’t bad. In fact, if done right, resolutions can drive us to become better versions of ourselves. Feel happiness from within. However, myriad researches have concluded that most of us fail in it. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

2019 on the road

It is important to know that with our lifestyle where we are always busy, keeping up with resolutions isn’t very easy. I’d say reaching halfway isn’t half bad. However, making realistic targets and not over stretching is the key you us to succeed, and we shouldn’t forget that. That’s how a sensitive balance between what to can do and what you wish to achieve can be achieved.

In my quest to understand life and how I can make it more fulfilling and meaningful I came across the principle of Ikigai. The term roughly translates to reason for ‘being, the reason for which you get up in the morning. It helps in finding the balance between spirituality and practicality, happily earn a living by doing what you love and do something for the society as well. Sounds like a package deal, right? It guides us to live a better life through 5 principles mentioned below:

  • Starting small: It is important to understand that goal setting for any kind of betterment in life can’t always give immediate results. All you need to be is persistent and master your craft slowly, without setting unreachable targets.
  • Realizing yourself: One of the prime pillars of Ikigai is realizing self-worth, letting go of ourselves and yet accepting the way we are. By not being concerned about how we appear to others, we are more focused towards our inner journey, creating a life that is rewarding while we carry on with our daily tasks.
  • Harmony and Sustainability: While we work towards our goal it is important to understand that what we do affect others. It is important to promote harmony and sustainability and nurture people around us to ensure others are as satisfied in their lives as we are.  Afterall we are connected, remember Butterfly effect?
  • The joy of little things: What we always do is worry about the outcome so much that we care little about the little results we actually achieve. Try and focus on small experiences than bring us joy, appreciate the process and look toward the future with greater hope. Allow yourself to be happy about small things.
  • Being in the here and now: The very important thing we usually forget – being in the present. Value the things that are present in front of you. It is very important for the people who are creators and innovators. Being in the present is important to understand the universe around you, be more than you actually are and allow this experience to bring you joy.

Here is the list of 8 new year’s resolution you should actually care about

  • Achievements – Do not only focus on achievements, appreciate the path. Figure out what makes you happy, what are you passionate about, how is it going to contribute to the world and how can you make a living with it. Finding an intersection between these things should be the only focus this year, only thing you want to achieve. If you wish to be fitter this year, make an effort by not eating outside food and exercising 15 minutes a day.
  • Environment – For lasting happiness, it is necessary to understand that everything is connected. Be appreciative of the environment around you. If it isn’t as you like it to be, make it better. Reconnect with nature and do things that help mother earth get rid of things that are poisonous. You can do your bid for the external environment by planting more trees while cleansing of your internal environment can start from decluttering your room may be?
  • Finance– Once you know what you are passionate about and what can help you make a living, finance won’t be a problem. To maintain a steady cashflow while you do what you love is the most important aspect that you need to figure out. Be careful about your expenses, invest wisely and have a plan for future? If you need to plan a travel next year, why not budget your expenses to have a wonderful vacation.
  • Health – Remember that in order to improve your mental health, being active and physically healthy is something you can’t ignore. With the amount of stress, we have in our lives, no matter how well we earn, it is simply not going to matter if we aren’t healthy. The first step towards this is to get a thorough medical checkup, know how fit or unfit you are and then follow an active lifestyle. Just like your investments for future planning, it is wise to eat properly, ditch fast-food and try to eat healthy as much as you can.
  • Learning – Sometimes in the course of building routines and assuming responsibilities we stop learning new things, we stop being curious about new experiences. The problem starts when the sense of wonder escapes. For the people who are seeking meaning out of life, it is necessary to change that kind of uninformed living. Just don’t stop questioning things. In order to achieve your Ikigai, let your drive to invent and explore continue. Why not invest in a new skill this year? Learn a new language or dance to stay fit?
  • Leisure– In the path to achieve your Ikigai, maintaining a balance between work and leisure is important. Studies have proved that if you allow your work to dominate your life, both your physical and mental health deteriorates. To be motivated to do what you love is to just focus on work-life balance. For many meeting and keeping close with family members could be fun, while others might like a secluded vacation in the mountain. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to have some time for yourself.
  • Purpose – You find your Ikigai when you find what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for. That would be your purpose, the very reason for which you get up in the morning. For some it might be getting into a good college, for some it could be getting a promotion and for more adventurous a new business. What would you be doing this year?
  • Relationships – While you do everything that you need to find your Ikigai, invest in healthy relationships. Focus on the quality of the relationship with family, relatives and your near social circle. Plan a meet with your loved ones every now and then which we often forget in our busy lives.

New year is a happy time to be in. We should thank our stars for living to see another day. However, if we wish to change ourselves in the coming year, focusing on these 8 ideologies is certainly going to help. Whenever in doubt, revisit this blog to learn new things about Ikigai, click here.