Ikigai, Happiness, and Taking Charge of Your Own Destiny

By Neil Persaud
Published on March 15th, 2018

Being mindful of yourself and your happiness is not only a great way to become self aware, but it is also the first step in taking charge of your own destiny. By introducing the Japanese idea of Ikigai, one can take the time to discover things about themselves, including what makes them happy, and learn to enjoy life a lot more.

The Importance of Finding Happiness

Whether you have suffered from being unhappy a lot in your past, or if you just want to take the time to discover how you can make yourself more optimistic, happy, and able to enjoy your life even more, you can use the Japanese concept of Ikigai in order to find your own happiness and be a healthier and more self-aware person.

Finding happiness can change the way you look at the world and the way that you do things. It can make you more willing to attend social events with friends and loved ones, and it can make you have an easier time being present in the moment, whether you are out and about or even at home, reading a book or playing a game. It truly can have an impact on your life in a great way, allowing you see the more positive sides of things that you may have missed before. By finding happiness, you are able to redefine yourself, and you might just find that you like the new you much better!

Once you have discovered your own sense of happiness and self-worth, you will have a more positive outlook on everything that you do, have an easier time making friends with your more pleasant demeanor, and be able to achieve your goals with a lot less obstacles, since your way of thinking will become more positive.

Why Happiness Doesn’t Have to Be Unattainable

For some, chasing down happiness is kind of like chasing down the proverbial fountain of youth – you can look for it and look for it, but no matter what, it can be impossible to find. By searching for you Ikigai, you can essentially discover a sense of self, therefore uncovering the happiness that seems so elusive.

When you are looking for a sense of happiness, it is vital to keep the negative opinions of others out of your mind and away from your thoughts. By listening to the negativity of others, you are allowing their harmful ways of thinking to pollute your own thoughts, which will introduce self-doubt and pessimistic outlooks to cloud your own judgments. You need to remember that when you set out on your own journey for happiness, it is important not to let others sway you or make you feel as though happiness cannot actually be found.

There are a lot of ways that you can work to discover your own sense of happiness and become a more lighthearted and mindful of the world around you. Whether you are using the Japanese concept of Ikigai to find your happiness or taking a look at some other ways that you can truly find your sense of mindfulness, happiness, and shut out the nay-sayers, there are a lot of ways and reasons to smile.