The Untold Ogimi Experience

No matter how bad a situation is, we can choose our attitude and the way we react to it. It is always possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Ogimi, Okinawa, Shares Its Secrets to Long, Happy Lives

Ikeegai travelled to Ogimi in Okinawa, Japan – one of the five blue zones in the world – in March 2018. We left the village with feelings of love, happiness and energy. And of course, their secrets to leading long, happy lives.

Song of the 100 Year-Olds

In the blue zone, Ogimi in Okinawa, they say that you are only a child at 50 and 60. You are at the prime of life at 70 and 80. Find out how to reach a hundred years old healthily and happily through this famous song in Okinawa.