The Untold Ogimi Experience

No matter how bad a situation is, we can choose our attitude and the way we react to it. It is always possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Ogimi, Okinawa, Shares Its Secrets to Long, Happy Lives

Ikeegai travelled to Ogimi in Okinawa, Japan – one of the five blue zones in the world – in March 2018. We left the village with feelings of love, happiness and energy. And of course, their secrets to leading long, happy lives.

Song of the 100 Year-Olds

In the blue zone, Ogimi in Okinawa, they say that you are only a child at 50 and 60. You are at the prime of life at 70 and 80. Find out how to reach a hundred years old healthily and happily through this famous song in Okinawa.

Ikigai, Happiness, and Taking Charge of Your Own Destiny

Being mindful of yourself and your happiness is not only a great way to become self aware, but it is also the first step in taking charge of your own destiny. By introducing the Japanese idea of Ikigai, one can take the time to discover things about themselves, including what makes them happy, and learn to enjoy life a lot more.