Achieving Life-changing Results by Finding What You Care About

Published on January 25, 2019

More often than not people these days prefer to live a meaningful and authentic lives increasingly trying to find their ikigai. The Japanese principle of ikigai helps us in getting the best out of life. The term literally means the reason of being or the reason for which you wake up in the morning. One of the most important things to note here that this concept can’t be forced on anyone and that each individual’s journey and definition of success is different. What is important is recognizing one’s path.

Success and achievement

Finding what you care about

For tapping into one’s ikigai, a good tactic is to dig deeper into one self and ask how true you are to yourself. There are some defining moments in everybody’s life that make us who we are. For example, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 52, the experience completely changed me as a person. I became aware of other people’s misery, financial troubles and health conditions. It made me more aware of my health and since then I have not taken anything related to my health lightly. It also made me more empathetic towards people who are going through similar situations. That’s why I started volunteering at a cancer hospital nearby, not only generating funds for the sufferers but also providing emotional support to the family members who are suffering with the patients.

What do you regret?

Many people in their death beds have regretted the fact that their life wasn’t as true as it was supposed to be. They weren’t doing what they were supposed to do and whatever they think they achieved wasn’t actually they were proud of. So, the question is, what would they have been doing instead? Many people through their personal experiences, have realized that it is important to establish a common ground when it comes to passion and a sense of achievement. When we think about our greatest achievements it won’t necessarily mean something we’ve done in office. It is inextricably tied to our passion. People who have already found their ikigai, mostly don’t think about money as their achievement. Their only win is when they do something greater than themselves, something they are passionate about, something that is making the world better place. In a world where people have become stressed and selfish, we need to do something that not only makes happy and satisfied but also makes the planet a better place.

Unleash your potential

To actually be successful and feel a deep sense of satisfaction with one’s work, we have to be completely immersed in what we are passionate about. Be present. It is when you are wholly involved in an activity, and use all your strengths toward that one thing we wish to achieve, you’ll succeed. So, it is important to ask oneself what gets you going and how to achieve that state every day. That’s how you realize your dreams.

Express gratitude

Be aware that everything is connected. Know that it is important that people who care about you get your attention. And that you are thankful to them for whatever role they’ve played in your life.

Would you celebrate your achievement?

One of the most important things the concept of ikigai favors is starting small and celebrating small achievements. More often than not we tend to ignore small things in life and focus only on the final outcome. Remember that every small step towards your goal matters.

The reason why ikigai is gaining popularity everywhere is because it not only makes us happier, it also makes us healthier. Studies have proven that people with a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction are healthier and are less likely to get degenerative mental illnesses. Real victory is when we are both physically and mentally healthy, no? Check out the secrets of long and happy life here.

Achievements is all about finding your abilities, learn what you are good and hone your skills. What better than doing what you are actually good at. It’s an old saying, “you don’t work a day if you do what you love”.